Rope Access Training
Rope Access Training
Rope Access Training


Course Overview

This is an experienced rope access technician who has Level 1 skills plus more complex rigging, rescue and rope access skills, under the supervision of a Level 3.

Course Objective

The 5 day IRATA Level 2 course is designed to take candidates with sufficient industrial rope access experience through all the training and examination requirements to be a qualified IRATA Level 2 Technician.

Course Certification

Certificates are issued by IRATA following successful completion of the assessment on the final day of the course. They are valid for 3 years from the date the course is passed.

Course Prerequisites

Level 2 Minimum 1 year and 1000 hours as a L1. All hours must be written in the candidates logbook and signed off by the supervision from the work. Candidates must ensure that their current qualification is valid on the day of assessment.

Required PPE

All PPE will be provided.

Course Duration


Course Cost

£ 625.00

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