Rope Access Training
Rope Access 1
Rope Access Training


Course Overview

This is a rope access technician who is able to perform a specified range of rope access tasks under the supervision of a Level 3. This is the entry point for new candidates to the industry.

Course Objective

The 5 day IRATA Level 1 course is designed to take candidates through all the requirements to be a qualified IRATA Level 1 Technician.

Course Certification

Certificates are issued by IRATA following successful completion of the assessment on the final day of the course. They are valid for 3 years from the date the course is passed.All PPE will be provided.

Course Prerequisites

Level 1 Candidates should be medically and physically able to perform the tasks expected in terms of strength, agility and co-ordination and be able to move their own body weight repeatedly. Candidates should also be free of medical conditions which are contra-indications for this type of work, e.g. asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, obesity, etc. Completion of a self-certified medical declaration indicating such fitness will be required for all rope access courses. Minimum age is 18 years.

Required PPE

All PPE will be provided.

Course Duration


Course Cost

£ 650.00

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